Over a Century of Service

Southern Star originated in the Indian Territory in what would one day become Oklahoma. We can trace our company’s corporate heritage back to 1904, but its true inception came in 1896, when the Osage Tribal Council, led by Saucy Chief and Chief James Bigheart, signed an historic 10-year lease that allowed for drilling on 1.5 million acres.

Wildcatters explored the land, searching for oil, staking their claims and forming companies. Rather than just blow the natural gas they discovered with the oil into the atmosphere, these companies began transporting the clean-burning fuel across the country. Much of what is now Southern Star was originally part of various local distribution companies, which means we are everywhere our customers need us to be.

Generations of employees have grown up with Southern Star — we have several fourth generation employees that remember their great-grandfathers working on the pipeline when we operated as Cities Service Gas Company.

We invite you to check our careers page to see if you’re ready to become part of our historic team.


The Company is Formed


Renamed Cities Service Gas Company


Renamed Northwest Central Pipeline Company


Renamed Williams Natural Gas Company


Renamed Williams Gas Pipeline Central, Inc.


Renamed Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline, Inc.